Are you a teacher, instructor, monitor, coach, do you have a Tennis or Paddle Club, do you work in a municipal school, a school, buy Tennis balls Boxes to fill a basket and play with friends?

If you buy ball boxes and want to multiply the life of the balls by 2, 3 or 4 times, this is the product you need.

Thanks to CuboPlus we solve the loss of pressure suffered by Tennis balls, Padel and Frontennis since you open a balls box to teach, train with students or play with friends.

With this solution to create a pressurized environment inside our pressurizers, what we do is that the balls are wrapped in compressed air (pressurized air) inside the CuboPlus so that the air can not leave the inside of the balls between workouts.

In this way while not playing, spend the time that happens: a weekend, a week, a month, a year, …, the balls will recover their original pressure to be in perfect condition until the next time you play with them.

You will save a lot of money throughout the year by having a very high cost of the balls boxes.

We lengthen the life of the balls causing them to wear out only by use during the game and not when you do not play which is most of the time.

With CuboPlus you will have balls in perfect condition every time you go to train or teach.

Every time you open your CuboPlus you will feel that you are playing with brand new balls.

Functioning of CuboPlus

“Innovative, economical, competitive, lightweight, modern, easy, fast, comfortable, simple and great capacity”.

You will release balls every time you play or train making the most out of the balls boxes.

CuboPlus is the most advanced, lightweight and effective market pressurizer that will give you the highest profitability in the shortest possible time.

As soon as you finish playing or training the racquet´s sport you practice, you must insert one to one hundred balls inside the CuboPlus and place the cover on top with the patented sealing system so that the pressure does not escape internal.

With the new CuboPlus you can save the number of balls you create necessary without leaving it complete with one hundred balls and fill the space that is free with compressed air.

Place the tip of the feet on the sides of the CuboPlus to be able to fix it and does not move.

Close the lid with a slight twist of the hands.

Join the lid with the 8 silver lever clousers to ensure maximum product and that you can not have any air leak.

Remove the plug from the schrader valve and hook up a foot pump or an air compressor.

Pump air inside up to 1,8 BAR.. The safety valve that is installed in the cover will remove the excess air from the interior once the 1,8 BAR. is exceeded.

By increasing the internal pressure of the CuboPlus with compressed air, we create a pressurized environment inside and thus the balls can not eliminate their internal pressure by recovering the original pressure after each workout.

Leave the product saved until the next time you go to play or train.

Before reopening the CuboPlus it is very important to remove the air inside by pulling on the ring of the exhaust valve to eliminate the internal pressure.

Release the lever closures and open the lid.

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Why is CuboPlus so necessary?

Because with CuboPlus you will not worry about whether the balls will lose pressure while you are not training. “You’ll forget when you opened the balls box for the first time.”

CuboPlus has been designed to recover the original pressure of the balls and to have them always perfect in all the workouts. “You will never think how many trainings or classes they have.”

“You will save a lot of money in ball boxes at the end of the year.”

You will be able to use balls of better quality (high-end balls) since the difference of cost between some balls and others will be insignificant thanks to the amount of times you will reuse them. “You will get the most out of your ball boxes.”

The high-end balls help the practice of the game absorbing better the impact, removing the vibration and having a better control with a greater precision. You will give a leap of quality in the classes and the trainings. “Better balls, better training, greater durability and happier students”.

This makes the balls look like brand new before each class or training since playing with balls that have lost their original pressure supposes a greater effort for the joints of the spine, the knees and especially the elbows. It is necessary to perform all the hits with more force compensating also the deformation of the ball with forced movements and damaging hits. Students will appreciate it and will not be unsubscribed. “You will avoid injuries that will harm you in your day to day and you will not lose students throughout the year.”

Thanks to CuboPlus, many fewer balls will be consumed worldwide, forcing the ball factories to reduce their production, with the consequent reduction in the use of petrolium and polluting emissions to the environment. “Prolonging the life of the balls, prolonging the life of the planet.”

You will stand out as a teacher above the rest having a more professional and specialized tool, offering your students a better experience in each training.

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