Frequently Asked Questions about ball pressurizers

We want to make sure you have all the information you need about our paddle and tennis ball pressurizers. This section is designed to answer in a clear and concise way the most common questions that our customers usually have.

From how to use our pressurizers correctly to tips on maintaining your balls, we are here to provide you with all the guidance you need to get the most out of your games.

Feel free to explore our frequently asked questions and if you don't find what you are looking for, our customer service team is always available to help you, so enjoy your track experience with us to the fullest!

There may be two reasons for this:

1º Due to dirt. In this case, a simple maintenance cleaning will solve the problem.

2º By unscrewing the core. Give it pressure and put the product under water to know the leakage.

It may be due to:

1º Suction effect. To solve it, help a second person or apply hot water on the screwed area. Prevent by always closing the canister one thread short of the stopper.

2º Due to dirt. Prevent with a simple maintenance cleaning.

There is no stipulated time, it depends on the use, but every 10/12 uses would be recommended. Although if a continuous cleaning of the product is done, it will be less necessary.

It depends on many factors, but we guarantee an increase in the life of the balls up to 3 times their usual performance.

The problem comes from a previous bad condition of the balls used. On numerous occasions, ball manufacturers sell their product in the same can with different pressure levels. Our product shows the difference in pressure between one and the other, and sometimes causes the ball with low pressure to give way or sink.

All our tubes come with a self-made plug, the head of which helps to press the valve and release the air.

Between 5º and 24º degrees. The two reasons that damage the product are inactivity and cold. It is important to keep the pressurizer warm in winter.

For a slow ball -> Pressurize to 11 psi

For a medium bounce ball -> Pressurize to 15 psi

For a medium-fast bouncing ball -> Pressurize to 24 psi

For a fastball -> Pressurize to 30 psi

The pump is placed (with the flange down) pushing down to cover the gold valve head, once inside (and not before), lift the flange to fix the pump. Once this is done we can pressurize our tube.

Aluminum, 360º rotating pressure gauge and T-shaped grip handle.

The pump has an interchangeable nozzle to be used for the two types of valves that exist in the world (presta and schrader).

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