TuboX3 Crystal


TuboX3 Crystal maintains and recovers the pressure of tennis and padel balls to keep them perfect between matches. It is easy to use, economical and resistant. With capacity for three balls.

Product Information

TuboX3 Crystal is easy to use, fast and light. Introduce up to three tennis or padel balls inside the cylinder and screw the cover. Remember to place the O-ring to seal the air inside the TuboX3 Crystal and do not close all the way to make it easier to open.
Insert the nozzle of the air pump into the valve of the product and pump with the tab raised until reaching a pressure on the gauge of 22 to 34 PSI. Next, pull down the tab on the air pump and remove its nozzle. Done, your balls are recovering like new.

By filling the free space with compressed air, we increase the internal pressure of the TuboX3 Crystal and thus the balls cannot eliminate their internal air, maintaining and recovering the original pressure until the next time they are used.

Warning! Do not forget to remove the air through the valve using the plug before opening the TuboX3 Crystal again.

Each user can give the balls the pressure that he/she considers appropriate. At TuboPlus, thanks to the research of our Calibration and Metrology Laboratory, we recommend the pressures displayed in our Tables. By following these indications, use and recovery of balls will be flawless. This does not mean that you cannot use higher pressure in the TuboX3 Crystal.

TuboX3 Crystal has been designed to recover the original pressure of tennis and padel balls, and keep them in perfect condition between matches. Thanks to its high-end valve, it is possible to inject air inside the cylinder and increase the pressure, allowing the balls to be fully recovered. Easy to use and resistant.

Its strengths are:

  • Recover tennis and padel balls
  • Reduced size
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use with air pump
  • New improved design
  • Transparent to check the state of the balls
  • Includes O-ring and cap to protect the valve
  • WEIGHT: 361 g / 12,73 oz
  • WEIGHT WITH AIR PUMP: 529 g / 18,65 oz
  • LENGTH: 230 mm / 9,05 in
  • DECK WIDTH: 85 mm / 3,34 in
  • CYLINDER WIDTH: 70 mm / 2,75 in


  1. Disassemble the O-ring with something that is not sharp so as not to damage it, and clean it with a piece of paper.
  2. Clean the cavity or hole where the O-Ring and the spiral are placed with a piece of paper.
  3. Clean the inside of the Lid with a piece of paper.
  4. Lubricate NOT IN EXCESS with Silicone Grease. We recommend the WEICON brand.