TuboPlus has signed an agreement with HEAD to sell its ball pressurizers in 21 countries. The license bears the name of HEAD PRESSURIZERS and allows the distribution of four models of pressurizers for tennis and padel balls with the aim of completing the product catalog of the Austrian company and expanding the sales horizon of TuboPlus, market leaders in its sector.

Likewise, it seeks to export the model of sustainability and care for the environment that TuboPlus has defended since it was founded in 2013 and is part of the HEAD Rethink initiative, whose purpose is to improve the sports performance of all products, minimizing the environmental footprint of the company.

“I think it is the best deal for both TuboPlus and HEAD. It is going to help us to internationalize, expand and establish ourselves as the first pressurizer brand in the world, while HEAD positions itself as the first global brand that bets and decides to incorporate a leading product in innovation, development and sustainability into its catalogue”, explains the director of the Spanish firm, Juanjo Muñoz Paredes.

For Muñoz Paredes, ball pressurizers are a “totally necessary” product in the backpack of tennis and padel tennis players to extend the useful life of the balls and reduce their high production, which is around 360 million a year, according to the International Tennis Federation. “It is something new, functional and modern, which maintains the rebound quality of the balls for longer and prevents possible injuries”, he says.



In the words of Ricky Brigolle, Category Manager of Raquetsports at HEAD Spain: “The development of the pressurizers achieves two objectives of vital importance for HEAD: firstly, it minimizes the environmental impact, since the number of discarded balls is minimized and, secondly, with this launch we offer players all the products they need to enjoy racket sport”.

The pressurizer collection is made up of four models, suitable for tennis and padel, with the following features:


  • HEAD X3 BLACK maintains the pressure of three balls (tennis and padel) thanks to its patented hermetic closure system, which allows the air to be trapped inside and increase the pressure up to 14-16 PSI. Thus, the balls cannot eliminate their internal air and maintain the original pressure.
  • HEAD X3 PUMP (three balls) and HEAD X4 PUMP (four balls) maintain and also recover the pressure of the balls. These pressurizers, in the same way as in the previous model, incorporate the same hermetic closing system, but include a high-end valve to inject air and an air pump. These models manage to increase the internal pressure of the balls up to 22-34 PSI.
  • HEAD X100 BASKET with a capacity for up to 103 balls, has an air injection system that allows the pressure inside to be increased up to 21 PSI. This model can be used with an air compressor or a foot pump and becomes the ideal option for tennis and padel clubs, schools and instructors.




Sostenibility and the environment are the basic pillars of this agreement, which are completed with savings for the end user. “Our pressurizers keep tennis and padel balls in good condition for longer, so players will get more out of them and it will take longer to buy new cans. This translates into savings and a reduction in polluting waste”, indicates the director of TuboPlus.

In this sense, Muñoz Paredes recalls that several studies calculate that, for every kilo of synthetic rubber manufactured, of which tennis and padel balls are made, 4 kilos of CO2 are generated. Thus, it defends the importance of being aware of the environmental footprint. “We have to think about the future, about the planet that we want to leave our children”, he concludes.