Brand: TuboPlus
Material: ABS
Color: Clear
Capacity: 29 PSI
Product weight: 361 grams

  • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: TuboX4 Crystal has the technical assistance of TuboPlus to answer any questions of operation.
    Before posting or giving a bad opinion please consult the brand.
  • ORIGINAL PRODUCT: Original TuboPlus ball pressurizer. Beware of copies of these types of products.
    Manufactured 100% in Zaragoza (Spain).
  • RECOVERS AND MAINTAINS THE ORIGINAL PRESSURE: Tennis and padel balls are sold in pressurized cans. TuboX4 Crystal maintains and recovers its original pressure between matches.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE: TuboX4 Crystal is a small, cost-effective, lightweight and easy to use pressurizer. It pays back your investment quickly.
  • WORKS WITH AIR PUMP: TuboX4 Crystal works with air pump to recover the internal pressure of the tennis and padel balls as if they had just come out of the store. This model DOES NOT INCLUDE AIR PUMP.
  • THE MOST VERSATILE: TuboX4 Crystal has the capacity to recover the original pressure of both three- and four-ball tennis or padel balls.
    SIMPLE OPERATION: Insert up to three tennis or paddle balls inside the X4 Crystal Tube at the end of the game and screw the cap on, NOT all the way on, creating a seal with the O-ring to prevent air from escaping from the inside. Then pump until 29 PSI is reached.
  • HERMETIC SEAL: TuboX4 Crystal has an airtight threaded seal to seal the air inside the product and then be able to increase the internal pressure using the air pump.
    DOES NOT LOSE PRESSURE: TuboX4 Crystal does not lose pressure, but it is necessary to check that no particles of dirt, sand or hairs from the balls remain in the O-ring, as they could interrupt the correct operation.
    If it loses pressure please perform a simple cleaning or consult the brand. The 99% of the cases of pressure loss is due to dirt.
  • SAVES MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: TuboX4 Crystal saves money and extends the life of the balls, reducing CO2 emissions and polluting waste.


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