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Best padel rackets 2021

If you have doubts when choosing a padel racket in this 2021, we want to help you from our blog, with some of the padel rackets that we have tested this year, and that we have found remarkable, for one reason or another.

Of course, our opinion is very subjective, so before talking about specific models, we make a small distinction of some differences that can be found in the different paddle blades, in relation to their shape.

Above all, the differences that we can find are determined by their different shapes. In order for you to better understand what types of paddle blades are on the market right now, you need to understand what different shapes we are talking about.

Rounded paddles (Designed for better control): They have greater precision and control. It will help you if you want to control the ball more and be more strategic.

Diamond-shaped shovel (Designed for more power): Perfect for you if you are a very offensive player. You can print a lot of power to the ball, especially in trays or offensive volleys. Made of very rigid material.

Teardrop-shaped shovel (Very balanced): Made of hard material mixed with other more flexible ones. They are very versatile.


Recommended paddle rackets

HEAD Graphene360 + Alpha Pro 2021

This is a racket for users with some experience, it will give you more mobility and balance.

It has a teardrop shape and medium balance, made of mixed materials. Contains Graphene 360 and rubber material: Power FOAM.

Great control and power for advanced users.


Bullpadel Hack 02 2021 Racket

Great padel racket for players who like attacking game.

It has a hybrid shape with a medium-high balance, ideal to give a lot of power to the ball, but allows a versatile and controlled game at the same time.

It uses materials such as XTend Carbon 18K, to give great power, hardness and resistance. It has MultiEva rubber.

Full carbon fiber outer frame, which will give you extra durability.

It is a shovel that absorbs vibrations very well.

Designed for attacking but technical play, this racquet will be a great choice.


Adidas Essnova Carbon 3.0

Padel racket is designed to play in net, to finish off the points with force.

Very thought for attacking players. It has a large diamond shape, with high balance.

It uses carbon materials, which give great rigidity to the racket. Although it is comfortable for almost all players, for others it can be very stiff.


Dunlop Inferno Power

Designed also for players of medium-advanced level, rather high. It has a teardrop shape, which allows the power and control when hitting the ball to be balanced.

It uses materials such as a graphite frame, a layer that surrounds the fiberglass blade and uses Eva rubber.

It comes with a Tri Bar system that gives the racket greater stability and control when hitting.


Do paddle blades influence ball pressure?

More than the paddle blades, what will influence the pressure of the paddle balls will be the weather and how you treat the balls.

Depending on the temperature, the ball behaves differently. At higher temperatures, the ball will bounce more.

Pressure increases with heat and decreases with cold. In cities where the temperature difference between seasons is very large, we will notice the difference noticeably.

In winter, the ball runs and bounces less, due to the lower pressure. For this same reason is why using a product like Tuboplus, will be even more necessary to extend the quality of life of our paddle or tennis balls.


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