Comparison of tennis and padel ball brands

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In the world of padel and tennis, there are great brands, with many years of experience behind them, that work very well on their product, and based on testing and experimentation, each time they bring to the market better padel and tennis balls.

In this article we are going to talk about some of the best brands of balls we have tested, both for tennis and padel.

Padel and tennis brands:



Head is one of the best brands in the world of padel. The Austrian firm is increasingly immersed in the world of padel.

The brand was born in 1947. And it was created by Howard Head, an engineer from Philadelphia, who manufactured the first metal laminated ski. In the 60's they started in tennis, and in the 90's with padel.

In the tennis world, they have always sponsored great players such as André Agassi, or in padel, Fernando Belasteguín.

As one of the sponsors of the WPT, they developed a high-end competition ball. The Head Padel Proa ball designed exclusively for the most demanding competition.



Brand focused exclusively on padel, born in 1995 from the union of different professionals from Spain and Argentina. In 2015 Aguirre y Cía bought the brand.

The logo was changed and they started to sponsor WPT professionals.

Your ball Bullpadel Premium PROis synonymous with high quality.



Babolat is a French brand that began in 1875 with the birth of tennis and badminton.

They created the first racquet strings based on natural gut as a component, becoming a leading brand in racquet sports equipment.

Babolat develops high quality padel and tennis balls, which it sells worldwide, specialized for players of all levels.

Babolat puts tradition and innovation at the service of players. And they have successfully developed the Babolat Babolat Padel Tour


Adidas padel

 The German giant, long ago saw in padel another interesting business avenue and launched its ball Adidas Aditour XP.

 It is a premium padel ball made with the best materials.

 Offers a great balance between the bounce and the way the ball is controlled. Very comfortable and durable ball, has rubber construction of different layers with membrane to better maintain the pressure for a long time. Ideal for use with our ball pressurizers to give more pressure for a longer time to the product.



 Company founded by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Where he created his first tire. Advances in tire technology and high performance materials led to the manufacture of paddle and tennis balls.

Among them are the Dunlop Team Padel and Pro Padel Paddle Balls

Dunlop was the first brand to develop specific balls for padel, so we had to talk about them, yes or yes.

Team Padel are high quality padel balls, especially for training and teaching. Perfect for clubs and schools.

The Dunlop Pro PadelOn the other hand, they are balls designed for very high level professionals, with the approval of the International Padel Federation.


Pressure differences between tennis and paddle brands.

For more information on padel and tennis ball pressures, please refer to our ball pressures section on our website..

Here we explain the differences in pressures between balls.

You can also watch our video in which we talk about the different pressures by brand in the cans of your tennis and padel balls.


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