How do you know if a paddle ball is good?

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The best way to know if a paddle or tennis ball is fit to play with would be to prick it with a pressure gauge and see that the ball has the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.
There is an official regulation of paddle collected by the International Federation.
This regulation talks in one of its parts about paddle balls and their technical characteristics.
Paddle balls usually have a pressure between 11 - 14 PSI. A paddle ball dropped from a height of 2.54 m should bounce back between 1.35 and 1.45 m.
This is more or less the measures that the ball should have to be in perfect playing conditions.

How to recover the pressure of the paddle balls?

The best way to recover the pressure of the paddle balls, will be using one of our pressurizer bottles.
It is a very simple system to increase the internal pressure inside the container, around the balls and thus generate a balance of pressures (internal/external), and by means of a chemical process called Osmosis, a gas exchange will take place. In this way, the lost pressure of the balls is recovered and their useful life is extended.

How long do paddle balls last?

In the world of padel and tennis there are factors that will cause a ball to wear more or less, depending on the use we make of it.

In the video we have made below, you will see just by taking the balls out of the pot, the pressure they lose.

Factors influencing ball pressure loss:

The cold/heat, the altitude, the level of play, the sport of Tennis/Padel, the frequency, the level of play, the number of impacts, the quality of the rubber and the surface on which the sport is practiced generate a stress to the balls that increases or decreases the number of times they can be recovered and used.


How much pressure does a ball lose in a week?

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