Indoor paddle tennis venues Madrid

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Looking for places paddle indoor Madrid? Along the following lines we will tell you where you can play paddle tennis in Madrid whether it's cold, rainy or sunny. And some more things related to this sport that you will love, so do not go away!

Let's start then and let's not waste time. We are going to tell you three of our favorite places to play indoor paddle in the capital, so you can go to several and choose the one you like the most. One of the best plans that exist, no doubt. If you are as passionate about paddle as we are, surely you always have your sports bag ready with your paddles and balls.


We have to go to the south of Madrid to know the two incredible facilities that this paddle club has. Euroindoor is located both in Alcorcón and Humanes de Madrid.

If you are willing to train to reach the top of the paddle, this is your place. Here have passed, and continue to pass, great paddle players of the legendary World Padel Tour circuit.

You have at your fingertips 9 modern indoor courts with air conditioning, parking and cafeteria, do you already know it? If not, go and tell us what you think.

Madrid Central Padel Club

Now we move to the area of Vicálvaro to play in one of the 8 air-conditioned and equipped with the latest, the Club Madrid Central Padel. Facilities in which no detail is missing, where you will feel very comfortable playing. And where you can enjoy a spectacular atmosphere with other players.

They have daily matches, there are teams by levels, and they even have their own app so you can organize yourself, book courts and be informed of everything.

It also has a cozy cafeteria for your moments of rest, Central Café. And don't worry, if you forget something or need new equipment, you can buy it in their specialized store. Of course, parking and changing rooms are available.

City of the Racquet

Whether to play on your own, or to improve your technique with a coach, the Ciudad de la Raqueta is another place to play indoor paddle tennis in Madrid. It is located at Calle Monasterio de El Paular, nº2.

Its gigantic facilities have 10 indoor paddle tennis courts. And it is the best place to meet other players, take away the stress of routine, and have fun with this sport.

You can park your car, motorcycle or bike, if you have one, in the parking lot and not waste time looking for a place on the street. You can relax after training in the cafeteria or recharge your batteries before a game with friends. They also have a specialized store, terrace with swimming pool, and even a multipurpose room for events. A paddle paradise.

Do paddle balls lose more pressure outdoors or indoors?

And now let's go to one of the most talked about topics, do paddle balls lose more pressure outdoors or indoors? We tell you our point of view as specialists in paddle ball pressurization.

It's actually simpler than you think. Because you see, if both indoors and outdoors there is a good temperature, 24º to 26º, and a relative humidity in the environment between 40% and 60%, the ball should not lose pressure.

Moisture cools the ball and causes it to accelerate air elimination.

Along with temperature and humidity, the other factor that can cause the ball to lose more pressure is the force with which it is hit. This, of course, is independent of whether you are playing padel on an outdoor or indoor court.


It is true that the paddle ball is usually faster indoors, and its stroke is somewhat harder. And therefore, it is possible that it is easier to lose a little more pressure due to the deformation it suffers with each hit.

The good news is that there is a solution. A ball pressurizer will help you maintain the correct pressure. Keep them in our specialized tubes and they will stay perfect, like new, even if you use them in your matches and training sessions. Promise

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