Student and Teacher, Claudia and Gemma, repeat success in Bordeaux

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Claudia Fernandez and Gemma Triay won again in Bordeaux, consolidating their position as an unbeatable duo. The match was a display of strategic padel, characterized by long exchanges and an intensive use of lobs, which wore the players down and kept the crowd in suspense for nearly 2 and a half hours. This title is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both players along with their coach, Cristian Gutierrez.

On this occasion, Claudia and Gemma faced Martita Ortega and Vero Virseda. The first set was a constant back and forth of opportunities for both pairs, highlighting Ortega and Virseda's ability to recover ground when it seemed all was lost. However, Claudia and Gemma's experience and precision allowed them to close the set with a 7-5 in their favor, despite the fierce resistance of their opponents.

The second set started with the same intensity, but Claudia and Gemma managed to take an early 2-0 lead, which they quickly extended to 4-1. Although Martita and Vero tried to come back, managing to tie the score 4-4, Triay and Fernandez's determination and tactical game won again. They closed the set and the match with another 7-5, taking their second title in Bordeaux and consolidating a spectacular season.

This win in Bordeaux is a clear reflection of Claudia and Gemma's innate talent and hard work. They have shown that their strategy and coordination on court are effective, and their success in France is just the beginning of what promises to be a trajectory full of more victories and titles. With this achievement, they consolidate themselves as one of the most promising couples of the padel circuit.

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