Why is there a shortage of padel and tennis balls?


Tennis and Padel fans are growing more and more. And if we add to this the instability of the market, it can be explained why there is a shortage of Tennis and Padel balls.

During the past 2020, with the Covid-19, the practice of these and other sports dropped considerably. And that is why now that we have returned to “normality” there is a growing demand for Tennis and Padel balls. This has caused that in many places they are already sold out. Furthermore, not all the factories that manufactured them have survived the ravages of the pandemic … With two other conditions, if we take into account the current energy crisis. And the lack of raw materials in a large number of industries.

On the one hand, the balls that continue to be produced take longer to be distributed from the countries of origin. These are mostly Asian countries like China, Thailand or Pakistan. And on the other, in some factories they cannot even continue to produce because they do not have the materials to do so.

Delivery times are delayed or not even met.

And it is that to all this we must also add the transport crisis due to the traffic jam in the Suez Canal, whose worst moment occurred at the end of the first quarter of this year 2021. And more specifically, transport by ship, which is the medium through which balls usually travel. The price of to transport containers has increased in an exaggerated way. And hence another reason why it is likely that there are few balls on the market, and above all at a higher price.


What is the best solution right now to extend the life of the balls?

A Tennis Balls Pressurizer. This is the solution so that you can keep your Tennis and Padel balls for longer time. At least for 4 or 5 games, and the pressure they lose after each sporting match can be recovered with a ball pressurization TuboPlus. That fast, comfortable and simple. And you will not have to see yourself in the situation of going to your sports equipment store, and not finding them anywhere.

The good thing about all this is that there is nothing to worry about. This is a more than incredible solution, and it is available to all Tennis and Padel players and Sports centers. So you can continue playing and enjoying your favorite sport.

Instead of throwing away the can of  balls after every game, the trend will turn to reusing them. If you see it from the point of view of caring for the planet, you will be more sustainable. And you will save. No matter where you look at it, it is a very good solution.

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