Do you like racket´s sports?  Tennis?  Padel?  Frontenis?

Then you have asked yourself:  Why is the life of the Tennis balls, Padel and Frontenis so short and lose their internal pressure so fast?

To avoid all the above, we have created the TuboPlus. Here in Spain is where we manufacture all pressurizers that extend the life of the balls recovering the original pressure over time.

At TuboPlus we control the entire process of research, development, design, manufacturing and distribution.

We are a Spanish Global Company in which we design all our products to be functional, simple, easy to use and very profitable for users.

In the factory of Zaragoza we carry out the entire manufacturing process: “making molds, product injection, assembly and printing” and an exhaustive quality control so that all our products reach the users with the best possible reliability and quality.

The TuboPlus have very quickly become an essential product and, above all, they are the best-selling products in sports stores within the Racket Sports department.


What we achieved using TuboX3?

Have the perfect balls like the first day when you take them out of their original can of balls.

Avoid that they eliminate the air while you DO NOT play Tennis, Padel or Frontennis.

Save a lot of money throughout the year.

Prevent injuries when playing with balls that always rebounce the same (homogeneous bounce in all the matches). You will avoid going to a physiotherapist and you will also save a lot of money.

We Recycle and worry about The Environment!!!     

We will reduce pollution by disposing of millions of balls less to trash and landfill. We contribute to the battle of the Environment.    

It will make you to play with high-end balls, the best in the market knowing that you will extend the durability.

Distinguish yourself from the other players by having a more professional and specialized tool.

Functioning of TuboX3

The operation of our products is very easy, fast, convenient and simple.

As soon as you finish playing the racquet´s sport you practice, you must enter the three balls into the TuboX3.

When joining the two parts (lower part and upper part), the lower part where the three balls are has an O-ring that makes sealing and prevents air from escaping.

Once closed, by means of a patented thread, we compress the air inside slowly, increasing the pressure up to 15PSI a little more than the pressure of the new cans just after leaving the factory.

By getting the free space filled with compressed air we increase the internal pressure of the TuboX3 and thus the balls can NOT eliminate their internal air while maintaining the original pressure.

In this way they will always be in an optimal state for the game avoiding injuries, being able to enjoy a more homogeneous game and the best thing of all is that “you will save money for a Tubo”.

Corporate video.

Do you know how much pressure a ball loses in 1 week?

Pressure comparative of different tennis and padel can of balls.

Pressure comparative of different tennis and paddle ball brands.

Horacio recommends Peter Tuboplus.

Are you tired of throwing away Tennis and Padel balls with only 2 or 3 games?

Horacio Álvarez Clementi.

Peter Alonso.

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