What is TuboX4?

TuboPlus is a company  100% Made in Spain of pressurizers where it makes all our products in our factory of Zaragoza.

Thanks to our pressurizers we solve the loss of pressure suffered by Tennis balls, Padel and Frontenis since they leave their original packaging in which they are already pressurized from the factory.

With this solution to create a pressurized environment inside our pressurizers, what we do is that the balls are wrapped in compressed air (pressurized air) inside the TuboX4 so that the air can not leave the inside of the ball between match and match .

In this way while you do not play, spend the time that passes: a week, a month, a year, …, the balls will recover their original pressure to be in perfect condition until the next time you play with them.

We lengthen the life of the balls causing them to wear out only by use during the game and not when you do not play which is most of the time.

Our pressurizers help you to not worry about when the can of balls has been opened knowing that they will be in an optimum level whenever you play.

Every time you open a TuboX4 you’ll think you’re playing with brand new balls.

Functioning of TuboX4

The operation of our products is very easy, fast, convenient and simple.

As soon as you finish playing the racquet´s sport you practice, you have to introduce one, two, three or four balls inside the TuboX4 and close the product with a simple twists.

With the new TuboX4 you can save the number of balls you create necessary without leaving it complete with the four balls, and fill the space that is free with compressed air.

To achieve that the free space is filled with compressed air what we have done is to place some valves and a pressure detector to increase the internal pressure of the TuboX4 and that the balls can not eliminate their internal pressure by recovering the original pressure.

TuboX4 wants to give a PLUS to Tennis, Padel and Frontenis balls by introducing compressed air inside by means of a pump to increase the internal pressure up to 34PSI. In this way they will always be in an optimal state for the game avoiding injuries, being able to enjoy a more homogeneous game and the best thing of all is that “you will save money for a Tubo”.

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Why use TuboX4?

Because with TuboX4 you will not worry about whether the balls are going to lose pressure while you are not playing. “You’ll forget when you opened the can of balls for the first time.”

TuboX4 has been designed to recover the original pressure of the balls and to have them always perfect between match and match. “You will never think how many matches they have.”

“You will save a lot of money on can of balls at the end of the year.”

You will be able to use balls of better quality (high-end balls) since the difference of cost between some balls and others will be insignificant thanks to the amount of times you will reuse them. “You will get the most out of it.”

The high-end balls help the practice of the game absorbing better the impact, removing the vibration and having a better control with a greater precision. “Better balls, better game and greater durability”.

This makes the balls look like brand new before each game since playing with balls that have lost their original pressure means greater effort for the joints of the spine, knees and especially the elbows. It is necessary to perform all the hits with more force compensating also the deformation of the ball with forced movements and damaging hits. “You will avoid injuries that will harm you in your day to day”.

Thanks to TuboX4 will consume a lower number of balls worldwide forcing the factories of balls to reduce their manufacture, with the consequent decrease in the use of petroleum and polluting emissions to the environment. “Saving balls is part of the solution and not of contamination”.

You will stand out above the other players having a more professional and specialized tool.

No more balls for your dog thanks to TUBOX4

Functioning of TUBOX4

Do you know how much pressure a Tennis or Padel ball loses in a week?

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