Best tennis ball brands

The tennis ball is one of the main elements when you prepare the equipment to play tennis, whether you are a professional or an amateur. Without it, no game or training is possible. And it is, together with the racket, what can make the difference in the game. Most tennis balls are the most [...]

What is a tennis academy?

If you like tennis, this is for you. Today we are going to talk to you about the academies of this sport that we are so passionate about. A priori we all know what a sports academy is. However, have you ever thought about signing up or signing your kids up for a tennis academy? If yes, follow [...]

Why is there a shortage of paddle and tennis balls?

There are more and more padel and tennis fans. And if we add to this the instability of the market, it can be elucidated why there is a shortage of paddle and tennis balls. During the past 2020, with the crisis due to the Covid-19, the practice of these and other sports dropped considerably. [...]

Indoor paddle tennis venues Madrid

Looking for places paddle indoor Madrid? Along the following lines we will tell you where you can play paddle tennis in Madrid whether it's cold, rainy or sunny. And some more things related to this sport that you will love, so do not go away! Let's start then and do not waste time. We [...]

Best padel rackets 2021

Best padel rackets 2021 If you have doubts when choosing a padel racket in this 2021, we want to help you from our blog, with some of the padel rackets that we have tested this year, and that we have found remarkable, for some reasons or others. Of course, our opinion is very [...]

Comparison of tennis and padel ball brands

In the world of padel and tennis, there are big brands, with many years of experience behind them, who work very well their product, and based on testing and experimentation, each time they bring to market better padel and tennis balls. In this article we are going to talk about some of the [...]

How do you know if a paddle ball is good?

The best way to know if a paddle or tennis ball is fit to play with it, would be to prick it with a pressure gauge and see that the ball has the one that the manufacturer recommends. There is an official padel regulation collected by the International Federation. This regulation speaks in one of its [...]

A must-have guide on how to use a paddle or tennis ball pressurizer

Do tennis or paddle ball pressurizers work? Of course they work. All of them equally. Not by paying more, they are going to recover faster and they are not going to give better sensations to the ball. It is a very simple system to increase the internal pressure inside the container, around the balls, and thus generate [...]


TuboPlus has signed an agreement with HEAD to sell its ball pressurizers in 21 countries. The license bears the name HEAD PRESSURIZERS and allows the distribution of four pressurizer models

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