Ensure the proper functioning of your TuboPlus products by following these simple cleaning and maintenance guidelines

Dirt or sand particles present in tennis and paddle courts, as well as ball hairs, can adhere to the seal or O-ring of the pressurizers and hinder the air tightness inside. For this reason, it is vital to clean and lubricate regularly products.

To lubricate the products TuboPlusRegardless of the model, the O-ring must be disassembled with the help of a non-sharp utensil and cleaned with a tissue. The cavity where the O-ring is placed should also be cleaned, as well as the sealing spiral and the inside of the cover.

Afterwards, it is necessary to lubricate not too much the sealing spiral and O-ring with silicone grease. If silicone grease is not available, water-based petroleum jelly or liquid glycerin can also be used. It is recommended to perform this process two or three times a year, depending on the use made of the TuboPlus.

CLEANING 29 X3e / 29 X4e / TubeX3 Crystal / TubeX4 Crystal


Disassemble the O-ring with something that is not sharp so as not to damage it, and wipe it with a piece of paper.

Clean the cavity or hole where the O-ring and the spiral are placed with a piece of paper.

Clean the inside of the lid with a piece of paper.

Lubrication NOT EXCESSIVE with Silicon Grease. We recommend WEICON brand.

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