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Recover the level and pressure of tennis and padel balls thanks to the new 29PSI X3e pressurizer by means of an air pump. It can hold up to three balls. Eco-friendly, economical and efficient, the new pressurizer par excellence.

Weight with pump: 379,53g r / 13,37 oz

Weight without pump: 241.09 gr / 8.5 oz

Width of cover: 8.9 cm / 3.5 in

Height: 25.5 cm / 10.04 in

Cylinder width: 7.5 cm / 2.95 in.

Tube: Polycarbonate

Valve: Rubber and Aluminum

3 Balls
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29PSI X3e is an improved design that allows you to pressurize tennis and padel balls easily and efficiently. To use it, we introduce up to three tennis or padel balls inside and screw the cover until the limit is reached. Do not forget to place the O-ring to isolate the air inside the product. To add pressure inside, insert the nozzle of the air pump into the valve of the 29PSI X3e and add air until a pressure of 29PSI is reached. Once finished, we remove the air pump and place the cap. Our balls are now recovering. Our 29PSI X3e product works by pressure, which is generated by adding compressed air into the space left by the balls inside. What this does is that the balls cannot eliminate their internal air, and, through the diffusion process, they recover the original pressure for later use. Attention! Do not forget to remove the air through the valve with the help of the plug before unscrewing the lid of the 29PSI X3e.


For a slow ball
Pressurize to 11 PSI
For a medium bouncing ball
Pressurize to 15 PSI
For a medium/fast bouncing ball
Pressurize to 24 PSI
For a fast ball
Pressurize to 29 PSI
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