TuboPlus pressurizers are convenient and easy to use, but if you need help here are some tips to help you learn how to use them and get the most out of your balls 😉

It is important to know that the quality of tennis and padel balls influences their condition and recovery. Can old balls be recovered? Yes, but it is a slow and tedious procedure. We recommend that you start using our products with new balls. In this way, they will always be kept in perfect condition.

We also recommend that you pressurize the balls right after each game or training session. Inactivity, along with cold, are the main causes of ball pressure loss. How many hours do the balls need to be pressurized? There is no set time. It will be enough to let them pressurize between games.

How long will the balls last using TuboPlus? It depends on the quality of the balls and the use they are given. It must be taken into account that the rubber acts as a spring and weakens with impacts. Balls also lose their pile as time goes by. For this reason, even if the pressure remains intact, there will come a time when the balls will have to be changed again. Even so, we can assure you that your balls will last up to four times longer!

Recommendations Cube X100:

Cube X100 not only multiplies the service life of the balls, but also improves their bounce. This is demonstrated by the independent study conducted by Decathlon for its Artengo tennis brand. Product engineer and tennis player Manon Martin tested the compression and bounce height of Cube X100 pressurized balls every day for a month after each intense training session she undertook. 

The results, attached on this page, show that the quality of rebound and compression of pressurized balls improved exponentially. After one month, at the end of the test, the balls that had been pressurized hard in Cube X100 were still far higher in rebound and compression height than when they were purchased.

Cube X100 is recommended for tennis and padel professionals, such as schools, clubs and instructors. It is a high-capacity pressurizer that can recover the pressure of 100 balls at a time, and makes it possible to complete the course with only two crates of balls. 

The strong point of Cube X100 is that it cannot be pressurized higher than the pressure regulated by the safety valve, between 20 and 24 PSI, the rubber stays in better condition for a longer period of time, providing a cleaner and more homogeneous rebound for months.

Do training balls lose the same pressure as match balls? No. First, because they spread the impacts among more balls. And secondly, because the training balls are in motion from Monday to Friday, or on weekends. The air molecules are active because they are in motion for more hours, so the air stays inside the ball longer. It should be remembered that inactivity is the main cause of air removal from the ball. It is very important that they recover their pressure but that the rubber is not damaged and suffers.

Recommendations 29 X3e / 29 X4e / TuboX3 Crystal / TuboX4 Crystal

Recommendations 29 X3e / 29 X4e / TuboX3 Crystal / TuboX4 Crystal:

  • All new balls have a pressure between 11.5 and 13.5 PSI.
  • The balls recover their pressure little by little through the pore of the rubber, as happens with the loss of pressure. The more air they need, the longer they will take to recover.
  • Watch out! If you put too much pressure on the ball, it is possible that the ball will crack and break.
  • New balls are sold with different pressures inside the tubes. TuboPlus pressurizers equalize the pressure of all balls.
  • Any pressure above 14 PSI causes the balls to regain pressure.
  • The rebound of the balls is thanks to the rubber, which has a spring effect. Gradually this material weakens and loses quality, so that over time the pressure will be maintained but the rebound will worsen.
  • We recommend pressurizing the balls to 29 PSI.
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